Lampricide Addition to the LaPlatte River

Lampricide Protection Efforts

The Champlain Water District (CWD) has been working with the Dufresne Group Consulting Engineers to fast track the rental of a portable powered activated carbon (PAC) unit for temporary use at CWD. It appears feasible for CWD to have this PAC unit operational for the late October period allowing a lampricide application to occur this fall if the USFWS can get its permits in place for the application.

This PAC unit allows the required protection from the State’s new standard of 3 parts per billion (ppb) for the lampricide (TFM), which would also now trigger a “Do Not Drink Order” for our 75,000 customers. All state and Federal agencies are proceeding with the goal to have the LaPlatte treated this year if possible. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife is funding this engineering study, along with a bench top pilot study, at a cost of $19,940.

Protection Plan

CWD’s plan is to run the unit immediately at the start of the LaPlatte application for a minimum of a two to three-week period to ensure optimal public health protection, rather than turning it on if lake sampling indicates the TFM is approaching the District’s intake location. The total cost of this rental treatment is presently conservatively estimated at $121,860 including the engineering and piloting.

Many of the total project costs are CWD labor to set up and operate the unit for the duration of treatment, which can be treated as in kind services by CWD. The total of these in kind services would be $17,220. As CWD is choosing to operate this portable unit on a full time basis rather than operating it based on lake sampling, CWD will cover the purchase of the required powdered activated carbon material estimated at a maximum of $30,000.

There was a press conference on September 7th to announce the multiple agencies collaboration that occurred thus allowing this lampricide treatment of the LaPlatte River to occur this fall if all permits are received.

Final Update - U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Lampricide Addition to the LaPlatte River - Updated December 22, 2016

The powdered activated carbon (PAC) unit arrived on site on October 31st, and the formal start-up was Tuesday November 8th. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) began their lamprey treatment application on the LaPlatte River on November 9th. The USFWS canceled the lake advisory effective Friday November 25th following two consecutive days confirming there was no detection of “TFM” in Shelburne Bay.

CWD performed daily sampling our lake source and finished water from November 8th through November 28th with no detections of TFM in the lake water or finished water. There is full-scale pilot work continuing the week of December 5th to determine the effectiveness of PAC treatment on various contaminates of interest. Pursuant to State SRF Public Hearing on December 1st, CWD is postured to receive $50,000 of planning loan forgiveness for this project.

Project Wrap Up

This project was a real multiple department team effort in getting this portable powered activated carbon (PAC) unit installed and operational. The entire CWD staff involved in this project was congratulated for their efforts in making this a very successful project. CWD’s Wholesale maintenance and electrical teams were involved with water quality and laboratory personnel in the setup and operation with engineering department assistance.

View an email (PDF) from USFWS Program Manager Brad Young as well as an article he published in the Shelburne News that was very complimentary to CWD on this project.