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Blue-Green Algae Blooms

Blue-Green Algal Toxins

Microcystin - “Recent discussion of the blue green algal toxin microcystin in the City of Toledo, Ohio’s drinking water source in local and national media has created a need to provide information on the steps Champlain Water District (CWD) has and continues to take to assure high quality water at our Shelburne Bay Deep underwater canyon source location. CWD has been involved in national research on this topic through the Water Research Foundation for quite some time (2005)."

"CWD has standard protocols for weekly algal scans, as well as Lake Intake monitoring that trigger when we test for algal toxins. CWD has a database of 93 microcystin and 30 anatoxin sample results collected from the Shelburne Bay intake location, and all sample results showed no results above the minimum detectable levels of either algal toxin in CWD’s source water. CWD’s paired finished water samples also showed no results above the minimum detectable levels."

"The microcystin and anatoxin results to date show that CWD’s investment to place our intake pipes in deep water far off shore is achieving the desired result of a high quality protected water source. We will continue to monitor for blue green algal toxins to assure that these longstanding conditions are maintained. CWD supports all the efforts to maintain the quality of water in Shelburne Bay, and overall in Lake Champlain.”

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