Champlain Water District Corrosion Control Program

Champlain Water District’s (CWD) Corrosion Control Program began in 1984 and achieved optimization under the USEPA Lead and Copper Rule. CWD’s optimization activities are implemented using a framework that complements CWD’s longstanding goals. CWD is a municipal entity chartered by the Vermont Legislature to provide drinking water to member communities.

The district include 8 publicly elected commissioners, one from each member town, and it serves 75,000 people. 23 million gallons per day are modified through direct filtration-type plant in South Burlington, VT. View more information about the optimized corrosion control program (PDF).

  1. Clarifiers & Filters
  2. Treatment Plant Organization
  3. Historical Efforts 1984 - 1991
  4. Ideal Pipe Loop
  5. Metals Release Pilot

The system includes 3 contact adsorption clarifiers and the following 8 deep bed multimedia filters:

  • Coagulation/Flocculation with adsorption clarification as pre-filtration
  • Corrosion control treatment to reduce lead and copper leaching from home plumbing
  • Deep Bed Multimedia Filtration for particle and natural organic material removal
  • Fluoridation for Vermont Department of Health Dental Division recommendations
  • pH adjustment to consistent, neutral pH
  • Preoxidation/Zebra Mussel treatment
  • Primary Disinfection to inactivate pathogens
  • Secondary disinfection to ensure safe, effective residual throughout the distribution system, and to reduce formation of disinfection by-products