Rates & Fees

Current Water Rate for Fiscal Year 2021 - 2022 is $41.76 per 1,000 cubic feet

The following Rate and Fee Schedule is effective for fiscal year July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 for the residential and commercial accounts of the Colchester Town and Malletts Bay Water Company.

  1. General Fees
  2. Residential Connection Fees
  3. Commercial Connection Fees
  4. Service Installation Fee Approximation
Service Cost
After Hours Backflow Device Testing Fee
Backflow Device Inspection Fee $55 per hour, One hour minimum
Backflow Device Re-test Fee $30
Bad Check Fee $20
CWD Wholesale Supply Connection Fee Values Assigned Assessment - Not including  any special infrastructure assessments $100 times the sum of values as assigned to any given connection, as approved by the CWD Legislative Body
Fire Hydrant User Fee $50
Fire Suppression (Sprinkler) System $30 each per year
Frozen Meter Replacement Based on meter size, material costs, plus additional service call charges
Interim or Final Bill Requests $10
Meter Test Fee $25
Metered Water Usage Charge $41.76 per 1,000 cubic feet
Overtime Rate (off hours for number 8) 2 hour minimum at employee's current labor rate
Private Hydrant Charge $100 each per year
Service Call $25
Water Off/On $25 per trip